New Jersey’s Best Online Totes

We have the New Jersey sportsbooks offering the best online totes available for you right here today, so you can get into a race as soon as you like. Sometimes called pari-mutuel or pool betting, what makes this type of wagering so exciting is that New Jersey bettors are not able to access the odds for the animals in the race until the strike time has passed. After the race has been run the stakes are added together, and, after a percentage has gone to the house, the remaining amount is divided between the winning bettors.

How the Best Online Totes are Divided

Because the horses most likely to win logically draw the highest number of bettors, the payouts from the most popular animals can be significantly less than the surprise win. The stakes are divided by more winning bettors, and each individual receives less than they would in a smaller pool.

To get your best online totes experience, do as much research as you can and try to predict the outside win. These dividends will be much higher, and you will be able to take a far larger percentage of the total amount home.

The Best Online Totes Bet Options

New Jersey sportsbooks claiming offer their customers the greatest betting options for their best online totes experience will have a number of different wagers for you to choose from besides the classic Win bet. Look into place bet options, as well as trifecta, treble, superfecta, quadrella and sweeps, among others, and use a racing betting guide to make sure you understand the intricacies of each. Available free of charge, a good guide will help you find the bet most suited to the way you like to lay a wager, and win considerable payouts more often than not.

From the uncomplicated win bet that asks New Jersey bettors to nominate the horse to finish in first place, to the slightly wider scope of the place bet option, you will very quickly be able to find the one you are looking for, as well as all the information you require on the horse, its jockey and the type of track to be raced on. Remember to try and gather as much information as you can in order to win your bet, including the past performance of the animals taking place, the weather conditions predicted for the race, and any last minute information that may affect the outcome.

The best online totes New Jersey sportsbooks will offer you a wide variety of bets, both straightforward and slightly more complicated, and will happily answer any questions you may have about the process. Choose from our selection and get into a winning pool today.

Bonuses with the Best Online Totes

The unpredictability of not only the winner of the race but the reward for your correct guess is one of the reasons this type of betting is so popular with New Jersey bettors, and you will quickly be able to find your best online totes experience when you start browsing what is on offer right here. Take your time, find the best fit for you, take hold of any of the great welcoming bonuses the best online totes sportsbooks make available to bettors from New Jersey, and lay your wager at once.