Online Cycling Betting

If you are a cycling fanatic, then we strongly recommend that you take a look at the cycling betting options that are available to all New Jerseyan punters. This sport is massively popular around the world, and has a huge fan base right here in the USA. Europe has been known to consistently produce some of the best cyclists in the world, however, many of the most famous cyclists have a home right here in the USA. If you are a big cycling fan, then why not put some of that knowledge to good use, and place some wagers on the next big cycling event.

If you think watching one of the big mountain stage finishes is really exciting, try watching that same stage but with a bet placed on one of the riders. You will then truly experience the next level in excitement, and discover why so many NJ punters are trying out cycling betting. If you are new to the world of online sports betting, and would like some advice on where to get started, then our team has just the information you need. On our site you will find links to some of the top online sports bookies. These online sports betting sites are the best that New Jersey has to offer, and are the perfect place to start wagering on cycling events.

Cycling Betting on Events

There are a few big cycling events that are the most famous, with the three Grand Tours in Europe at the top of the list. The most famous and well known of the lot is the Tour de France, which takes place in France every year, over a period of approximately 3 weeks. This Tour consists of multiple stages, suited for both sprinters and mountain climbers alike.

Millions of fans support and watch this event every year. In the same way, many NJ punters place wagers on this massive cycling event, and if you are fortunate enough, then you might too be able to win some big bets. There are a range of cycling betting options that are available to New Jerseyan punters. It is possible to wager on which cyclist you think will win an individual stage, but you can also bet on which rider will win the Tour overall.

There are other competitions taking place, in addition to the Yellow Jersey competition. For instance, you might want to place a wager on which rider you reckon will win the Polka Dot Jersey, and win the King of the Mountain competition. There is also the Points competition, as well as the Best Young Rider competition, all with great cycling betting options.

Experience the Thrill of Cycling Betting Online

The best way to start discovering the thrill of cycling betting is to register with one of the best online sports betting sites in New Jersey. Registering with the online bookies is easy, and will just take a couple of moments of your time. Making an initial deposit is also an absolute breeze, and can be done via any one of the many payments options that are provided. Cycling betting is certainly for all NJ cycling fans who love wagering on their favorite races and riders at the top US sportsbooks.