Tennis Betting Opportunities Online

Tennis betting is a hobby that millions of New Jersey residents enjoy regularly, and, although the origins of the game remain mysterious, its global popularity is uncontested. Historians make the case for the game being brought into being by the Ancient Romans, Greeks and Egyptians, but it is enjoyed all around the world today, and now bettors from New Jersey have unlimited access to all the games as they unfold, no matter where in the world this happens to be.

NJ Tennis Betting Options

Tennis betting is available 24 hours a day, thanks to the internet and the multiplying sportsbooks offering access to New Jersey bettors. Although there are generally markets available for the smaller tournaments and leagues throughout the year, the highpoint for betting is definitely the four major tournaments and two professional leagues.

The ATP, Association of Tennis Professionals, is based in America and was formed in 1972, and is the most popular tennis league for men. The WTA, Women’s Tennis Association, is the league for women, and, while fans of the games will follow all the games these leagues are involved in, for the majority of tennis fans the Grand Slam tournaments are the focus each year.

Grand Slam Tournaments Tennis Betting

These games are also known as the Majors, and consist of the Australian, French and US Opens and Wimbledon games. Due to the way the game is structured, New Jersey bettors will generally be wagering the money line on one player over another in a head to head bet. This will allow you to more easily bet on players with various skill sets as they are matched up. The secret to laying successful bets on these games is always a thorough knowledge of the players’ performance histories, the impact of the court type on their game, and any history between the two taking part in a match.

You can also choose from tennis props, doubles matches and futures for the WTA and ATP as well as other specialty wagers which may be offered. New Jersey sportsbooks offer a variety of welcoming bonuses to recruit new customers, and you will often find a host of these, along with special promotions and other types of incentives, when the Grand Slam season rolls around.

In Play betting is a live betting option allowing New Jersey residents to lay wagers during the course of a tournament, while the match is in play. This is a great way to make good on a mistaken pre-match bet, or capitalize on a good one, and offers a fantastic level of enjoyment to an already very pleasant experience for spectators and bettors alike.

The US Open is the fourth tournament each year, and is held at Flushing Meadows in New York. As soon as the draw is made the betting odds comparison begins, so you will be able to make your selections as early on as you like.

Choosing Sportsbooks for Tennis Betting in NJ

We have the very best tennis betting sportsbooks in operation online today available here and you will quickly and easily be able to find a sportsbook to meet all your tennis betting needs. Make use of the reliable ratings and reviews provided, and start getting in on all the tennis betting action you would like right now.