Best Online Golf Betting in New Jersey

Golf betting is something bettors from all around the world enjoy doing, but it is particularly popular with residents of New Jersey. Luckily, sportsbooks are beginning to take notice, and there are a great variety of markets and odds available for interested individuals. Whether it is one of the four Majors you like to hazard a guess on the outcome of or one of the smaller tournaments you enjoy the most, you will find a great variety of options at the websites we recommend right here. Let us be your starting point for great New Jersey sportsbooks, and take advantage of our ratings and reviews to make your selection more quickly.

One of the biggest benefits of golf betting is that great odds and prices are relatively easily had for the majority of players, and, because of the nature of the game, an outsider can easily swoop in and take the win from somebody considered a top contender. You will be able to find information on a number of golf tournaments around the world at the sportsbooks featured on this website, and can get involved no matter where in the world the game happens to be taking place.

The Major Golf Betting Events

While there are smaller golf games happening for most of the year, the highlights for golf betting fans have to be the Majors, and, with three happening in the United States of America, you can be sure some excellent markets are provided for New Jersey bettors.

The US Masters is the first, and is an incredibly popular sporting event for golf betting. A wide variety of markets are available, including Country of Winner and Top Four, and certain sportsbooks allow for live betting options as well.

Live betting is also available for all four days of the US Open tournament, so you will be able to take advantage of a sudden change in who looks most likely to take first place.

The British Open is the only tournament to take place outside America, but this does not seem to affect its popularity with golf betting fans. Get all the information you require to lay your wagers more successfully from the sportsbooks available right here today.

The US PGA Championship brings the Majors to an end, and you will be able to get great markets, odds, and prices all the way through it. Get involved as early as you can to reap the highest rewards, and take advantage of the golf betting guides and inside information available online.

Where to Enjoy Golf Betting at

We have shortlisted all the very best New Jersey sportsbooks available online, and, as our list is kept constantly up to date, you will quickly and easily be able to find the American sportsbooks you need and start getting involved.

Great Golf Betting Bonuses

With the very competitive sports betting market seeing more and more New Jersey sportsbooks emerging, take advantage of their incentives to new customers and claim some great bonuses when you begin. Essentially free money, you can use one of these to lay your first wager if you like, when you sign up for your free account today.

We bring you the best NJ golf betting sites online, and we make sure that you can enjoy big bonuses, great odds and a host of other exceptional features at all times.